Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LiteForex- Contests and Announcements in March 2014

LiteForex Group of Companies is a leading online Forex trading group trading with more than 10 00 000 active traders. To keep the traders up to date concerning forex news and information, Forex group releases notices, press news and organizes contest in the favor of traders. All these actions on behalf of the company are made to facilitate the potential Forex traders. Here are the news and contests announced by the Forex firm in the month of March.

3rd March “World Challenge Contest”: The Company has officially announced concerning the end of the third level of “World Challenge” contest.

The winner of the contest will be entitled to choose a laptop from Apple MacBook, ASUS and Sony VAIO. The winner of the challenge will be declared on March 10. In order to get the latest update on the “World Challenge”, bear with The main prize of the contest is Mercedes S400 that will be raffled off in June.

4th March “Seize the Day Contest”: The next day after the notice for world challenge contest, LiteForex came up with another contest titled “Seize the Day”. This promotional program was released with the opportunity to double the trading deposit amount. The need of the program is to provide a deposit more than $300 and activate a promo-code given on the official news source page. The first 1300 traders, who have activated the promo-code, will be benefited by the contest limitations when making a deposit. The detailed guidelines and criteria for participation is given on the official website.

5th March 

A- VPS Cost Decrease Announcement: From 5th of March, the cost of VPS hosting was decreased by a quarter. The traders, who are going to use the VPS for the first time will be charged as little as $15 instead of $20. And, the traders, who are using the VPS services already, will be charged for fifth week VPS services equal to zero.

B- New Fund Transfer in Brazil: LiteForex Group has introduced a new fund deposit system for Brazilian traders. “Transferência Bancária Brasil” payment system is adopted in order to facilitate the fund deposit by Brazilian traders. The fund transfer procedure takes one to three working days to fulfill the transactions. The minimum amount for deposit in the account is $100 and the processing fee is one percent.
10th March “World Challenge Contest Finished”: According to scheduled time, the winner of the World Challenge Contest third stage has declared. The duration of the third stage was three months. Carlos Gomes from Brazil with the account number R177636 is the lucky trader, who associated with LiteForex Group and won the laptop. The main prize of the contest is yet to be raffled off in the month of June.

Find and read the company profile on SlideShare- LiteForex Login

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Be LiteForex Partner- Opportunity to Grab Huge Profit

This is the gigantic opportunity to the people who are interested in making big profits and want to be the part of one of the biggest group of online Forex trading. LiteForex is working in one of the largest online market and offering opportunity to the individuals to become the part of this fame. This group is undoubtedly beneficial to the associated traders, but now this is providing the equal chance to the partners to make the money. People, who are really looking for the same kind of platform to make some quick money, LiteForex Group of companies offers few elite partnership programs; which are as follows-

Refer Friends- In this partnership program one is credited bonus amount for referring a member to the company. In real simple terms, if you are the investor in the company and you don’t have any kind of website or tools that can help you out to attract the clients. In this condition   you can make clients by recommending a LiteForex broker to the friend or any other member allied to Forex trading. You will get the bonus amount as soon as the referred members register with the company. The sum of bonus is influenced by the amount has been deposited by the member.

Online Partner- The online partnership program is for the Individuals, who have an extremely large active online network of friends. People with this kind of internet circle are most suitable for the partnership program and co-operation program to attract clients. People, who are co-operating with the LiteForex and helping in adding the new investors and traders, are entitled to an impressive bonus. That person can be anyone who is proactive and has the capability to encourage people to sign up with LiteForex. There is no specific expertise is required to play the role of online partner of the company; all that is required is strong and active friends’ network.

The partner of the group gets around two pips for every transaction being made by the referral and chance to assist with the clients who have STP accounts. After the moment when the referred member’s transaction is about closing, the automatic calculation is done and commission is transferred into your account. And, instead of it unlimited level of member partnership and like this many more opportunities are associated with this partnership program.

The steps for becoming the part of internet member are quite simple. All you need to do is create a profile and verify and after that file an application form the client cabinet. As soon as you proceed with this you can start working and make profit.

PAMM Partner Program- Individuals, who own a website and comfortable in link promotion on the internet are appropriate to become a PAMM partner of the group. The most efficient way that helps out attracting the client recommendation straightforward and advantageous for the partners & company is called asset management.

PAMM partners are provided with PAMM accounts and this is a fully automatic system of asset management. To the PAMM partners, the company offers a multilevel membership program along with commission of ten percent on the referred partner’s income. Interested people may become part of the leading Forex organization as a PAMM partner and this is done in few steps.

One can use the online form, which is available on the official website to sign up for the PAMM partner or they can file an application from the client’s cabinet. The application is reviewed by the LiteForex members and once the application is approved, a response mail is sent that comprise distinct affiliation link and information about the payment accounts.

Regional Representative – According to the partnership program and working criteria of the company regional agent plays an imperative role and gets a profit. If one is working as an agent, then the person has an opportunity to act as a representative on behalf of the LiteForex group in the particular town or city. The regional representative is allowed to make use of the company brand name in order to develop his/her own business. Instead of it the Forex group also writes about the regional agent on the official website and support for expansion and management of the office.

Regional representatives get the profit according to company rules and guidelines for partners. The commission on each transaction is given around two pips and further ten percent of the sub affiliates income is additional for the agent.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A glimpse of Forex marketplace

Forex isn't a new term among the trading professionals. Trading in Forex allows you to make money swiftly by analyzing the market conditions. This platform is available to all traders 24 hours and five days in a week. This is the reason that the market is growing harder and very popular at the present time. This is a giant market, where people can really use their valuable time to absorb the fluctuation in the market and gain from it.    

The value of currencies in the international market invariably fluctuates. While some currencies are moving down, others are moving up. This fluctuation creates excitement and opportunities for the traders to make revenue. There is an equal risk comprise in trading, but sometimes conditions make changes in strategies, instruments and tools, which directly put an impact on the money figures. 

Forex market allows traders to trade as high as one ratio hundred. The margin is helpful to cover the trader against any currency trading loss. The trading system computes the amount required before making a trade. The trading system may allow rollover, which provides a trader the extension of two business days. The interest rate for swapping, open positions to the subsequent date of settlement is pre-decided.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Forex Trading for Beginners

The Liteforex group of companies offers newcomers the easiest and most accessible way of earning money in the Forex market. Just open the world of Liteforex Trading and you will soon start receiving its results. The company use Meta trader4/5 for the comfort of investors. You can start using these terminals as soon as you will install this on your computer.

The terminal has got integrated support system for the clients. It gives its clients informational and analytical support and will be helped by the Forex new from all over the world, which is specially collected for it s clients. It gives newcomers to acquire necessary experience without risking big amount of money that is the reason it offers its clients minimum deposit requirements. Other than that it offers its clients the extra bonuses for every transaction he do with the company.

It gives personal attention or personalized manager to its investors so that client can feel secure in Forex market. It gives an option to open Demo account to beginners so that he can learn basics of Forex trading without risking real money. Other than that it offers wide range of trading instruments to the investors so that he can choose in which instrument he wants to invest. Liteforex Trading gives most secure and safest environment to invest money.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Currency Trading, Basic Things Need to Understand

If you are beginner, it is crucial that you gain some basic knowledge of this market before you risk your money. First of all you have to do home work, otherwise the consequences can be disastrous so you have to understand what FOREX is all about.

FOREX Every day, millions of trades are made in a currency exchange market called Forex. The word “FOREX” consists of two words “foreign” and “exchange”. It does not involve trading of goods but it operates through buying, selling and trading between the currencies of the various economies. Currency markets never sleep and are the biggest and the most exciting investment market.

OTC (over the counter) FOREX market is an over- the-counter market, which means trading is done directly between two parties, without any supervision of an exchange. Products traded on the exchange must be well standardized. This is necessary for there to be transparency in trading but OTC doesn’t have this limitation. The currencies are traded in different market makers:-

Inter-bank market - It is the top level foreign exchange market where bank exchange different currencies. The currencies of most developed countries have floating exchange rates and these currencies do not have fixed values .Three main constituents of interbank market are:-

•    The spot market
•    The forward market
•    SWIFT(society for world-wide interbank Financial telecommunication)

Online market makers-Retail traders can access the Forex market through online market makers. These market makers have relationship with several banks.

WORKING HOURS - The Forex market is open 24 hours a day and provides a great opportunity for trader to trade any time of the day. Currencies are traded 24 hours from Sunday afternoon(EST) to Friday afternoon(EST).

Market information - Before making any kind of investment one needs to understand the theory of market information .i.e. to know the every aspect of market so that one can use his skills to increase more profit in this competitive market. There is saying “just understand the market, it will give you best of results” means before taking any action one has to gather all the market information so that can get fruitful results.

Types of orders
  • Market order- Market order is a order to buy or to sell immediately at the current market prices. These orders are used when certainty of execution is priority over price of execution. The market orders guarantees execution and has low commission as broker has minimal work to do.
  • Limit order- It is an order to buy or sell currency pair. The order will be filled once the requested price is hit. Limit order cost more then market orders but these orders are beneficial because when the trade goes through, investor gets the specified purchase or sell price.
  • Take profit orders- These orders automatically closes an open order when the exchange rate reaches the specify threshold. It is designed to lock the order in the position of profit. Once the price surpasses the profit taking price, the take profit becomes market order and closes the position.
  • Stop loss orders- It is type of order which can help to protect from further losses. Just like take profit orders these orders automatically closes when the exchange rates turned against you and reach the level you specify. It is important to understand that these orders can restricts loses but cannot prevent losses. These orders are used to limit the losses.
  • GTC (goods until cancelled) as the name suggests that these orders can never be expired and remains open until desired conditions are met or you manually cancel the order.
  • GFD (good for day) as the name suggests these orders are just like GTC but will expire at the end of the business day automatically.
Spreads In the forex there are two prices for each pair a “bid price” or an “ask” price. The spreads is the difference between the bid price and the ask price or security. It is an option created by purchasing one option and by selling another option of same class but of a different series. Spread is the cost to trader but is a revenue source for the firm who executes the trade.

PIP It is a smallest price change that a give exchange rate can make. It stands for ‘performance index paper’. These are structured products helps to meet the specific requirements of a company. It is one way to hedge currency risk.

Margin It is collateral that the holder of financial instrument has to deposit to cover the risk. The collateral can be in the form of cash or securities and is deposited in margin account. A margin account allows customers to open positions with higher value then the amount of funds they have deposited in their account. If the trader loses on a position to the point equity is below the minimum requirement then margin call will result.

If you are new forex trading there are both live and demo accounts to start with. This will allow you to get a good feel of platform; how to place trades and general services are offered. There is no harm to open several accounts to understand the trading system.

To perform and to trade in forex one has to open live account. You can open three types of live accounts. One can choose to create Standard Forex Account, a Mini Forex Account, Forex Demo Account or Practice Account.

Standard Forex Account - A standard forex live account is a standard live account package which sells one lot for around 100,000 currency units.

Mini Forex Account - Mini forex account is most ideal option for beginners as this is much like the standard forex live account except that it offers single lot of 10,000 currency units.

Demo Account - The most important account you should create is Demo Account as this is the account you can use in trying out forex trading strategies before start trading with real capital. The reason why you need to use Demo Account is to help you understand the platform list without taking risk of real capital. Apart from that using Demo Account can also be considered as a tutorial for beginners. This type of Account helps to understand the theory of Forex before trading with real money and real risks.

Liteforex provides the excellent opportunity to the novice traders. Liteforex trading company supply traders lots of attractive offers for extending their total deposit value and further increase their benefits. Our range of bonuses at many levels provides user convenient and easy way at low risk and high gain.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LiteForex video tutorial: Open demo account

Before you start trading on a real account, LiteForex group of companies recommends that you open a free demo-account which will provides you with trading experience without real investments.

Here you'll find step-by-step prompts that will guide you through the process of demo account opening.

Trading on a demo account is a good opportunity to test your trading abilities on the Forex market.

We wish you success in the world of online-trading!

LiteForex video tutorial: Deposit in the account

To start earning on the Forex market, you need to deposit in your trading account opened in LiteForex group of companies.

This video guide provides detailed instruction on how to deposit in your account. To do it, please use any of the suggested payment systems. The payment time depends on the method you choose.

We wish you success in the world of online-trading!